Meera is the founder of Awesome Math Girls and created this website when she was in 8th Grade. Meera loves math and enjoys problem-solving. Meera’s mission is to reach out to middle school and high school girls to help them appreciate and enjoy the beautiful field of mathematics and math competitions. Meera has given various talks on why math is awesome and why all girls should love math and excel at it.

Meera is an advocate to increase the presence, performance and visibility of girls in math competitions.

Meera is currently attending a high school in the San Francisco Bay Area.

In addition to math, Meera loves dancing, acting, and figure skating.

Meera’s Math Competitions Experience:

AMC 8/AMC 10/AMC 12

American Invitational Mathematics Examination (AIME)

United States of America Mathematical Olympiad

Math Prize for Girls @ MIT

Princeton University Mathematics Competition (PUMaC)

Canadian Intermediate Mathematics Contest

Canadian Senior Mathematics Contest

The Canadian Open Mathematics Challenge

Purple Comet

Math Kangaroo

Math Camps/Online Courses Experience:

Prove It! Math Academy

Awesome Math Summer Camp

Art of Problem Solving – AIME Preparation Courses

Art of Problem Solving – Worldwide Online Olympiad Training (WOOT)

Meera’s Awesome Math Girls