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Math Competitions

Mathematics is becoming very important in today’s scientific and technological age. Advanced Mathematics is helping with research in understanding our genes, diagnosing and preventing diseases, artificial intelligence, and computing. These advances are helping us live and work better.

Why are Math Competitions Important?

Math competitions can be fun and challenging activities for girls. Math competitions test your skills in mathematical problem solving. They increase girls’ interest in mathematics and increase the ability to think about and solve complex non-routine problems logically. Math competitions make thinking of multiple creative and elegant ways to solve a problem. This leads to creativity and allows for a much greater understanding of math. It helps girls realize that math is not a boring and intimidating subject, and can even be an inspiration to get better at math. Math competitions made me realize that math is beautiful.

These competitions are available around the country throughout the year for all levels whether you are in elementary school, middle school, high school, and college. Most of these contests have a variety of challenging problems that a student has to solve within a specific time limit. I recommend starting in elementary school.

Most of the standard coursework in middle schools and high schools in America do not prepare a student for Math Competitions as most of these schools consider advanced problem solving a hobby or a special club. Problem solving skills acquired through participating in math competitions have long lasting positive effects which will help you through your education in college as well as professional or academic careers.

As these competitions become tougher, the participation of girls including their achievements at higher levels drop significantly. We have to change that and we definitely can by encouraging more girls to participate and prepare for these competitions. I recommend starting with AMC 8 preparation in the middle school and building up your skills to participate in AMC10, AMC12, and other advanced math competitions.

The American Mathematics Competitions (AMC) are America’s oldest and prominent math competitions.

“Dedicated to strengthening the mathematical capabilities of our nation’s youth, the AMC program identifies, recognizes, and rewards excellence in mathematics through a series of national contests.” – Mathematical Association of America