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Mindset is a powerful concept and idea that was discovered by Stanford University professor Carol Dweck after many years of research on efforts and achievements. I highly recommend this book for parents, teachers, and students as it has many great examples on how growth mindset has a positive impact on all of us and how fixed mindset really limits our potential as human beings. You can find more information here.
Dr. Jo Boaler is currently a professor of mathematics education at Stanford University. In this recently published book, Dr. Boaler suggests many creative ways so that everyone becomes good students of Math and she suggests many ways of revolutionizing math education. Even though this book is primarily written for Math Educators and parents, I really enjoyed reading it as it some great examples that were very relevant. I especially enjoyed the chapter, “Mathematics and the Path to Equity”. I also like the suggestion that Math should be open learning subject for both high achieving and low achieving students rather than elitist performance field. The idea that a great student of mathematics is the one who balances different aspects of Math (Procedural Skills, Conceptual Understanding, and Problem Solving) is a very powerful one.