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Girls Representation at IMO

The International Mathematical Olympiad (IMO) is a very prestigious global mathematics competition for high school students from around the world. It is held annually and the first competition was held in 1959 in Romania. Currently, more than 100 countries participate in this competition.
FiveThirtyEight ( publication recently published some interesting statistics.
-Only 12 countries have won the IMO through 2015 with China, Russia, and Hungary as top 3 countries that have won the most
-The United States team won first place in 2015 after 21 years which is awesome! All six members of the US team were boys.
-Nearly 90% of the US team has been all males since United States started participating in 1974 at the IMO.
-Girls have made some progress in terms of representing their countries.  The average number of girls per team has grown from 0.2 in the 1970s to 0.5 through 2015.
-In the past 23 years, only 5 girls (out of 138) have been part of the United States IMO team.

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