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Math Prize for Girls - 2018

I am really excited about the 10th Math Prize for Girls which is scheduled for Sunday, September 23, 2018 on MIT campus in Cambridge. I appreciated that the competition is on Sunday as most students who fly from the western US end up missing part of school on Friday when the competition was on Saturdays. I always look forward to the activities that happen on the day before the event and the award ceremony with guest speakers after the competition is always fantastic. Besides solving challenging problems, I love seeing my friends who fly from all over the country to be at this competition. There are typically 300 girls who are qualified and invited to the competition based on their scores in AMC 10 or AMC 12. The organizers and scores of volunteers do a fantastic job to ensure we have a great experience. Plus, the weather is always nice in Cambridge this time of the year.

Dr. Boppana who is the Director of the contest was very kind to let me survey the participants who were qualified for 2016 Math Prize for Girls. I was always curious on how these amazing girls got here and so I asked them a few questions. I got an overwhelming response which showed me that it is a very supportive and vibrant community. For the first time, I am sharing the results of my survey. When I look back at some of these questions, I realize that I should have done a better job at asking these questions. However, directionally, the survey results were very insightful. Please check out the  survey results here.


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